Husband of the Almighty. What will allow a man not to experience defeats in bed?

According to doctors, a rich and active sex life for a man is also a necessity, because it provides him with good health in the intimate sphere. Regular sex is an excellent prevention of prostate adenoma and, as a result, prevents the development of cancer. However, sooner or later, some men suddenly feel insecure and uncomfortable. There are many problems that cause a man to have difficulties with an erection. Usually, first of all, everyone sins on any diseases.

Medical aspect. Sexual impotence in men can develop against the background of inflammatory processes in the prostate gland, called prostatitis, or with an increase (adenoma) of the prostate. Also, as doctors say, the presence of diseases of the cardiovascular system, hormonal imbalance, diabetes or ischemia can lead to "male" impotence. And often all this is relevant for men of more Mature age, although again, according to doctors, the first signs of prostatitis can show even in 30 years. Therefore, it is necessary to make a prostate diagnosis at the slightest symptoms of this common disease.

Psychogenic disorders. Erectile dysfunction can also develop against the background of psychological overload. For example, if a person is stressed for a long time or is subject to depression, conflicts with colleagues or relatives, it is unlikely that he should expect any exploits in the intimate sphere. Bad habits also add fuel to the fire of men's failure-Smoking, abuse of alcoholic beverages cause serious problems in the work of the whole body, and the intimate sphere is an indicator of certain health problems.

Overestimated expectations. In fact, a lot of sex in life in men is also not good. If you make love too often, trying to prove to yourself that I'm still nothing, and I have no problems, you can seriously undermine the body. The secretion of the sexual glands, as proven by various studies, becomes the basis for the vital energy of a person-both physical and mental. Too frequent sex leads to the fact that the body's resources are quickly produced. And this will lead to early aging. In this case, the sexual system will no longer cope with its task as it should.

For men, often and a lot is proof of their strength. Naturally, they are sure that they should always be ready. Doctors call this approach false expectations from their body. False expectations about increased male power are taken from different sources – according to the stories of friends, a picture is formed that a particular man did not dream of. The Internet also makes its contribution, where everything is shown and told in an accessible way. Also, the effect on the psyche of a man and his ideas about the ideal is provided by scenes where actors of films marked 18+ can do so much for a long time and in a variety of ways.In the latter case, it is rare for anyone to think that the picture presented on the screen does not reflect reality to any extent, and that all this is mostly fiction. Attempts to repeat what they saw usually end in a fiasco. And this leads men to an even more broken state, aggravating the situation to the limit.

It should be understood that experts consider 2-3 sexual acts a week to be the norm, and a man needs at least 40-50 minutes to recover between intimate scenes.

How to make sex more interesting?

In fact, as noted by experts-doctors and sexologists-do not need any feats in the field of watching adult films. Getting a full, bright and healthy sex life is not so difficult with simpler methods. So, the most important thing you need to focus on to feel like a real man all the time is health.

It is enough to start eating right, reduce the amount of stress, add walks in the fresh air to feel healthier and stronger. If you can also give up bad habits, then the situation will begin to actively level out. You also need to visit a doctor regularly, you can additionally check the level of testosterone in the body – it is easier to do this today: in any clinics, you can pass an analysis for this hormone.

Additional assistant. For those who want to further enhance the effect of a healthy lifestyle, you can additionally take the drug Man's Formula Potential Forte. The herbal preparation contains all the components that activate the production of testosterone in the body, help to sharpen and make sexual sensations brighter. With them, it will be much easier to reach your potential and feel the fullness of sex.