Ow, libido. Why sexual desire decreases and what to do about it

We finally came to the conclusion that we have sex in our country, agreed that it can be beautiful and in adulthood, it would seem, live and rejoice. But no! Now the libido is gone. Has there ever been a time with you that you didn't want anyone — not your own husband or wife, not an imaginary hero, or a Hollywood star (by chance, such an opportunity would turn out)? So where does sexual desire disappear and how to live with it?

Sigmund Freud considered libido the basis of vital energy, and we, doctors, have long said without hesitation: regular sex is one of the conditions for healthy functioning of the body, both physically and emotionally. But it happens that you don't want to have sex, even young men and women who have everything in order with relationships and in General in life are increasingly complaining about this problem. Well, unless stressful situations happen one after another, fatigue accumulates. And who of us lives in the resort all year round?

The occasional "don't want to" shouldn't send you into a panic, but if you can barely remember when you had sex for dinner instead of cupcake, avoid it with all your might, or are alone for a long time because you "don't need anything", then it's bad. Three out of four

Your libido level can be directly affected by anything related to blood circulation, hormones, physical pain or discomfort, as well as medication (including antidepressants and combined oral contraceptives). If your other half avoids intimacy, also do not rush to buy geisha courses and red underwear wholesale. Perhaps the problem lies in health.

Three out of four cases of decreased desire are due to a hormonal imbalance. For example, if a woman is creeping up on menopause, the body can notify her of this with such symptoms as, for example, vaginal dryness: instead of pleasure, we get unpleasant sensations, the woman is in an intimate moment in tension, is wary of waiting for the next time and already subconsciously avoids it, hormones are even more naughty.

And take, for example, endocrine patients! When a girl with hypothyroidism wakes up already tired and resentful of her life partner, is it up to sex? And it's amazing how magically libido is restored after hormone correction!

Also, among the reasons for a decrease in libido can be stress (and very often!), low-calorie diets (the body simply goes into energy-saving mode) and, I note again, pathologies associated with hormonal dysfunctions: polycystic ovary syndrome, endometriosis, low DHEA and testosterone, high cortisol, etc. Therefore, the first and main recommendation is not to waste time trying to guess the reason at random, but to search for it purposefully. Come back, I'll forgive you

Start with a lifestyle. If you go to bed at 2 am and get up at 7, spin all day like a squirrel in a wheel, it is unlikely that you will be up to sex. I'd like to get my feet up to the bed. But even such a strict regime in theory should not reject all the desire at all, so I still recommend to see a doctor. And even more so, you need to do this if there are no visible reasons for the problem. Take tests for hormones, vitamins and trace elements, and work purposefully to normalize their levels. Maybe you have a crazy level of thyroid-stimulating hormone, or maybe vitamin D as a resident of the Far North? At the same time, work on minimizing stress in your life: walking, yoga, fitness, and meditation will help you. Get back your natural biorhythms: get up at 6-7 am, go to bed no later than 23 hours. Pay attention to nutrition. The diet should not only be rich and delicious, but also correct: 2-3 times a week, eat oily fish, every day — unrefined oils, raw nuts, avocado, and also eat coconut oil and dark chocolate. Last on the list, but not least, I will note adaptogens (this is a group of drugs that increase the body's resistance to a wide range of harmful effects). As a doctor of preventive and anti-aging medicine, I strongly recommend that you consult a doctor before taking it, as well as pass all the necessary tests to take into account all contraindications. But for information, I will tell you my favorite drugs: Maca peruviana, Rhodiola rosea, ashwagandha.

And in parallel with this, ask yourself very important questions: "do I live the right life, do I go with the right people?» Sometimes only a change of direction or travel companions will bring back the joy of life and sex. But these are extreme measures.